Friday, 4 March 2011

Welcome to clogblog, where it's not all about clogs!

As my first and foremost post, I thought it appropriate to start with my all time favourite shoe the clog. 

But what defines the clog? The brassy metal studs that line the base of the shoe? or is it the wooden sole? This notion of a clog is ever changing as fashion moves backwards and forwards in time. Taking on inspiration from the traditional clog that was once worn by the european factory work, to fashionistas alike in the new millennium. 

Giving birth to this..

For me… It all started with funkis. 

Funkis revolutionised the old style 70's swedish clog, by keeping the short and stout wooden heel and the basic shape of the working class shoe, but playing with the textures and materials used and soon started a fashion frenzy. Everyone had to have a pair of clogs, it actually became quite annoying…

To this day you will go to a party and there will be at least 4 people wearing a variation of the clog.

And why wouldn't there be, they are cute, they are applicable to all ages and sizes and while giving you the same elongation of your leg as heels do, you can wear them all day. OOOoohh and I forgot the most important part. They are cheap. I am talking $150 a pop. 

In contrast to popular funkis belief, the idea of the clog as being defined by it's stubby little heel, no longer exists. It has been transformed into a wedge like platform, taking on inspiration from the Japanses GEISHA… 

From Geisha to Céline inspired Amazingness….


I must say of all the re-workings of the clog. Céline's proportional creations win hands down. 

So in conclusion… i would like to throw this question to you. Is a clog defined by its perfectly placed studs? or its Wood stained sole? Or both? and will these beautiful little creations with stand the long walk of time? 

I think so..

To date these are all the clogs I currently own...

From left to right:
jeffrey Campbell... Rubi shoes (Cheap and synthetic but effective)... Sportsgirl (My first pair.. after a trip to london and an overweight suitcase I had to resort to these :()!

I have Celine imitations but i couldn't take an actual photo of them cause they are currently stuck at work.

Rubi's again. Effective hasbeen copies but cheap (the sole is coming off)

Once again Celine inspired. These have to be my favourite pair of clogs to date.

Good for everyday.

These were the natural colour, but my niece spilt red icy pole on them when we were lying around the pool so I ran and dunked them in the pool so that I could stain them with water…. was this the brightest of ideas. I don't think so. But I love them all the same. 

This is what i would like to own…

 Jeffrey Campbell Karl Clog Beige 

The jeffrey Campbell 'what i like to call' DOrothy clog. Devine!!!

Guys I'm delighted to say this 70s Swedish favourite is back! With so many cute styles popping up, I'm afraid you will have to 'like my good friend Elly always says' "PENCIL ME IN".

Thats it from me till next time