Monday, 13 August 2012

Cara Delevingne

Ever since the age of 16 I have been obsessed with the dark eye brows and peroxide blonder hair 'look' and tried numerous attempts to tint my eye brows that one shade darker ever visit to the beautician, however no one does it better than Cara Delevingne. She has got that 'girl next door' meets 'mischievous rebellion' look about her. This 5' 9" 20 year old Brit was snapped up by Storm modelling agency in 2009 and never looked back since, with her modelling career seeing her front big campaigns for the likes of Burberry and Chanel. Although she is rumoured to be dating One Direction star Harry Styles, general consensus is WE LOVE HER.

While known for her luscious, pert lips, long blonde hair and sister Poppy, my vote is for her infamous dark eye-brows perched above sea green eyes. 


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