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Wednesday, 12 September 2012

The Ultimate Justification

Have you ever noticed that when one is head over heels for an item that is well and truly out of our price range, one will often tussle and toyle with the benefits and features of the item, umming and arring indecisively about its practicality and logistics. 

It goes a little something like this:

 'its such a transeasonal piece, I could wear it in summer with some killer pumps or in winter with a pair of ankle boots and a cropper jacket'

'The colour is quite neutral so I could wear it with almost anything'

'Its one of those pieces you could wear casually during the day AND dressed up with the right accessories at night'

'I could wear it for both of those birthday parties that are coming up and that saves me buying two dressers for both' 

sound familiar? 

Once all pro's, benefits, features and excuses have been considered.. and sales assistance you are no exception to the rule, the ultimate justification is...

I will have it forever....

But the irony of that is, and I can only speak on my own behalf, you don't have it forever.. Lets take a look at some of those purchases I had the same justifications for..




often the ultimate justification comes into play with furs... big ticket items!







need I say more :)

Just some food for thought.. 

We should save ourselves the trouble and just be realistic!

'chances are I will probably get over this piece in a day, a month, a year, after buying it.. but for now.. it will make a killer outfit'


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